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Testimonials from Dog Fitness Participants

What Veterinarians Have To Say about Dog Fitness Classes

Dog Obesity Veterinarian Priti“As a veterinary surgeon, I know the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your pet. Obesity is a leading cause of numerous health and orthopedic conditions in dogs and has been shown to shorten their life span. Exercise is important to help lower the incidence of obesity.

Leash your Fitness is an excellent combination of exercise and obedience for you and your dog. Personally, my dog Kai and I participate in the boot camp and we both get a great workout. Kai is a calmer, happier dog on the days we can go to boot camp and I know that keeping him physically fit will help him live a long, healthy life.”~ Priti & Kai

What Class Participants Have to Say About Dog Fitness Classes

crystalbeforeafter-webAfter trying many different fitness avenues to help me with my creeping weight, I finally came across a fitness program that encompasses working out for both you and your dog.  We do cardio, strength, balance, yoga and dog obedience all in an hour workout.  In an average week I run one day, one day I do a class that focus on upper body, core, yoga and a little cardio and I do a Saturday boot camp that mixes it up with a little of everything.  Once a month I’ll do a yoga class.  All these activities I do with one with of my three dogs.  I now have a safe and fun environment for me and my dogs to get fit together.  Oh, almost forgot to mention, I have lost 16 pounds since beginning Leash Your Fitness!   Life is good!!  ~Chrystal


Diane After TestimonialI joined LYF so I could exercise with my dog and meet new people. After two months I noticed how better toned I was, after 9 months I was down two sizes and was more fit than I had been in a long time. Besides that, my friends without dogs are envious of how much fun I have, hiking, kayaking, surfing, running in a 5K. If you want to have fun with your dog, meet great people and get fit, come join us.”  ~Diane


rachelBeforeAfterAfter 15 knee dislocations and 2 knee reconstructions by the time I was 15 years old, “I can’t do that because of my knees. . ” was a phrase I had come to accept. Overtime, it caught up with me and I was ready to make a change. By chance I discovered Leash Your Fitness and decided to give it a try with my dog, Kirin Ichiban. With Dawn’s help, “I can’t” quickly became “I can”, because there is always a way to modify an exercise, no matter what your fitness level is. After  3 months of going to class, I had lost 25 lbs and found a passion for living a healthy, active lifestyle. Kirin Ichiban and I are incredibly grateful to be apart of the Leash Your Fitness Family!  ~Rachel


jill-webI have been taking a running class with Lola on Saturdays. I have never been good runner, in fact was the slowest of the group the past few weeks. It is embarrassing to be the slow poke, but you know what? I am out there trying my best. Thanks to Kelly Bailey Darrell for pushing me and all of the encouragement! I hope this helps someone else out there to try something that is out of their comfort zone. We don’t have to be the best at everything we try, we just need to get out there and try something! – Jill Speer



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I would like to also thank you for starting this new fitness idea where we can workout with our dogs. I have tried other avenues but never really enjoyed myself. I find working out fun now and think I have found something I’ll stick with.” ~ Crystal N.

Thanks so much for your guidance and enthusiasm. I’m so glad I got up the courage to try these classes–they have changed so much of everything for me.–Bridget

I LOVE the Thursday workouts. It really is amazing how much stronger I feel.  –Patty

Dawn, Tiffany came back today from your class today and was absolutely ecstatic! She raved about the boot camp with the dogs, the organization, camaraderie, the intensity of the workout, and your positive energy! Even Audrey was grinning like the fool she is… –Paul

We were not expecting it to be that much fun! My brother in law did not want to go at first and now he wants to go again! –Beatriz

Gidget and I loved your class and we plan to come again next week. I am feeling my muscles today so I know I got a good workout. –Luann

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