Work Out With Your Dog!

Join the Dog Fitness Revolution!


  • Retain your current clients?
  • Offer something cool to get new clients?

Does your Dog Training / Personal Training Business stand out?

  • Does it provide the same sort of classes that every other business offers?
  • Are you constantly seeking new class participants?

Maybe you need a fresh idea!! How about a “Workout With Your Dog” Class or another fun “Dog Activity” to attract new people?!

But, You are NOT a people trainer; you ARE a dog trainer– so where do you start? OR You ARE a people trainer & NOT a dog trainer—can I do this?

No need to re-create the wheel. Learn from us. Leash Your Fitness has successfully grown from a one class a week business to classes every day in multiple locations and events that include: Dog Yoga, Hikes, Camping, Kayaking, Surfing, Paddle Boarding, and Yappy Hours.

We can help you by:

  • Coaching you on how fitness classes with your dog will work with your current business model
  • Sharing with you what has worked for us and what hasn’t (no use wasting time and MONEY!)
  • Preparing you for what is needed to run a fitness class or event
  • Informing you on the legal documents, certifications, and insurance requirements that you will need
  • Taking you step-by-step so that you will have a successful class format that your participants will LOVE!
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