Iron Mountain Hike 2012

Another beautiful and fun hike this weekend on Iron Mountain.  What a fun group! We did 6 miles in record breaking time!  Us dogs had such a grand time running around and I even showed my friends where the hidden spring was.  It even had a little water in it but not too much mud–bummer! The view from the top was amazing but the best part was Aunt Cathy made her Ginger Treats for us dogs and they were YUM YUM YUM!! As a matter of fact, they were so YUM that our mommies were eating them all!  Can you believe that? They were eating OUR homemade dog treats and we had to beg just to get a little bite!  We love our mommies for taking us hiking and spending the morning with us.  We hope to see you on our next hike!


What People Are Saying

I joined LYF so I could exercise with my dog and meet new people. After two months I noticed how better toned I was, after 9 months I was down two sizes and was more fit than I had been in a long time. Besides that, my friends without dogs are envious of how much fun I have, hiking, kayaking, surfing, running in a 5K. If you want to have fun with your dog, meet great people and get fit, come join us.” — Diane

Leash Your Fitness


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