Work Out With Your Dog!

Film debut at the Ritz Carlton

Mommy took me to the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel to get my pictures taken for their Posh Pooch Package.   It was kind of fun.  I met 2 new friends, although, for some reason I did not like BJ very much but I like his trainer, Colleen from Pawtopia so I tried to put up with him.  Roxy was pretty cool and pretty too!! The day started with me meeting BJ, the one year old Black Lab that was my partner for this new adventure that mommy signed me up for.  We had to sit in the hotel room together and get our picture taken:  BORING! But then I got to lay on a comfy bed and play with a cool squeaky toy! There was a man with a big camera in my face but I didn’t care, I really liked the toy!  Then we met Roxy, a Portuguese Water Dog.  She was pretty cool.  I had to sit with her in front of a BIG plate of treats and not even eat them! It was TORTURE! But then mommy gave me the command and I DUG IN but I refused to share with BJ, even though he ordered them from room service!

After we were all done in the hotel room, the three of us had to sit on beach chairs and look out at the ocean which I thought was mean because we weren’t even allowed to go in! Then they used a really strange command, they told us to “frolic” in the yard.  Well, this was my chance to chase BJ and although I am little–I got him good!  (Although, that did not go over well!) So, I tried to “frolic” as nice as I could!  The funniest part was when they took us to the front desk and tried  to get the other two dogs to “check in” at the front desk.  BJ jumped all of the way up on the desk and was standing on it and Roxy took off running full throttle through the hotel.  Needless to say, either one of these maneuvers were what the people were looking for! If I would have been taller, I would have showed them how to do it but I couldn’t reach the desk so I just took a break and watched the entertainment.

By the end of the day, I made up with BJ and we walked off-leash nicely down the hall together and then sat by the fire. I tolerated him for a few minutes until they got their photos. By then we were over all of the camera stuff and ready to take a nap!

For all of my trouble, I got a belly full of treats, to play with a cool toy AND a cool Ritz Carlton collar.  Mommy said that we are going to go stay there one night.  They have a really big Yappy Hour on the first Thursday of every month and we thought it would be fun to take the Leash Your Fitness family there and go check it out!  Enjoy the photos, we will let you know when the video is ready!

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