Work Out With Your Dog!

Bootcamp Program

Welcome to our Leash Your Fitness Bootcamp Class! This series of video’s will help you to get ideas on how you can run a fun and successful class so that the dogs AND the people get a great workout!

We use minimum equipment in our classes so that you can teach them anywhere! Feel free to use our ideas and add your own!  And remember to modify for your demographic!

The only rules:

No dog treats
No retractable leashes
Everyone must smile and have FUN!

Below the videos is all of the information that you will need to START and run a fun, safe and effective class.


WARMUP:  You can add some dynamic stretches into the warm up,

remember to use the dog obedience (sit / down) while stretching.




JUMPS. You can purchase jumps are just make your own from PVC pipe.

Remember to make them so that they knock over easy so that your participants

do you not trip on them and/ or the dogs do not get injured.

BANDS.  Remember to get quality bands and to check them before every

class to make sure that they are not frayed.

GAMES:  You can add fun stuff like cones and balls to make the class

more fun & mix things up!

ADVANCED:  Mix up all kinds of drills to keep them thinking! Just like

the dogs, they need mental training too!

DOG DRILLS: fun way to work on dog obedience in class.


Download PDF for all of your questions regarding a doggy fitness program.

Download sample WAIVER for your classes, don’t forget to fill in the instructors name and the company name.

Leash Your Fitness