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Jack's Latest Posts

  • Fruits and Veggies for Your Dog
    Fruits and Veggies for Your Dog
    Fruits and Veggies for Your Dog Toxic or Not?    With more and more of us choosing healthier lifestyles for ourselves. What about our dogs?   In many household, dogs are looked at as a furry family member, not just a pet. It’s important for them to get a good amount of exercise along with getting fed a healthy and nutritious diet.   With all the food scares concerning commercial dog foods, we are constantly looking for healthier, more natural alternatives. Raw diets, fruit and veggies are options for consideration.   There is a lot of controversy with regards to...
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  • Jack and I are super excited...
    Jack and I are super excited…
    One week to go until we depart for Jack’s Journey USA! Jack and I are super excited!  Jack is busy packing up all of his toys for the trip so I am going  to write the blog this week. There are a few reasons that prompted this journey across this wonderful country of ours! If you live in San Diego, you know that we have beautiful weather almost every day, we have delicious, healthy food at our disposal at all times and amazing parks to get fit and breath fresh air!  Our dogs have the best doggy boutiques, and access...
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  • MIM: Airplane Pose
    MIM: Airplane Pose
    Time for your Move It Monday!  This week we are working on balance and hip flexor strength with the Airplane Pose!  You may have done these before if you have done yoga.  Several muscles work to stabilize you in this position including your hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps (standing leg), and shoulder and back muscles.  It’s really a total body workout!  Here’s how to do it: 1. Start by balancing on one leg, keeping it straight.  A slight bend in the knee is ok 2. Lift the other leg behind you, making sure that leg stays straight 3. Lower the...
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